English Language Centre

The English Writing and Communication Centre (EWCC)

The English Writing and Communication Centre (EWCC) provides one-on-one writing/speaking consultations and academic workshops for UM students. Come and discuss the paper topic before you start writing. Or, bring your assignment and we can help you brainstorm ideas. You can also come with a draft you’re working on, and we can give you suggestions for improvement. All services provided by EWCC are free to UM students.

Visit EWCC: https://ewcc.elc.um.edu.mo/

Independent Learning Resource

Independent Learning Resource at UM Moodle

ELC sets up this Independent learning UMMoodle course to provide English language learning resources, including academic and study skills, four skills practices, grammar and vocabulary, exam preparation, and many other fun games and activities that can be accessed 24/7. All UM members can access the course via their Moodle dashboard.