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FROM JULY 05 TO 23, 2021



The program on offer may be of interest for students of Portuguese in upper secondary education or for students who are attending a University undergraduate or graduate program.

If you are a teacher or a translator, you may also be interested in our theme-based courses. Please see the list below.

If you want to learn Portuguese just for the fun of it, you are also most welcome to join us!



You will be assigned to one of the following courses once you have taken the placement test.

Language courses are organized in five different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C). Each one lasts 45 hours. Students also benefit from 15 hours of guided autonomous study. In addition to developing written and oral receptive and productive skills language classes, include sessions dedicated to grammatical and lexical topics and other specific level-based features.

These classes run from 3 to 6 p.m.

Language courses include listening, speaking, reading, writing and mediation activities as well as the study of key grammatical features and vocabulary for each level. Syllabi will be available on MOODLE.

All courses aim at helping participants to develop their linguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and sociocultural competences in Portuguese as well as to raise their intercultural awareness.

Participants who will be attending a beginner or an elementary course may find it useful to attend Music, Dance and Gastronomy courses to enhance their grammar and vocabulary as well as their sociocultural knowledge.

Students receive a UM complementary digital textbook and other supplementary resources. The organization of the Summer Course will also make available other digital resources.



Theme-based courses consist of a 75-hour offer in literature, linguistics, cinema, gastronomy, dance, music, history, education, translation, topics of contemporary Portugal, contemporary art, Portugal and Europe. Task-based activities complement these workshops.

These courses run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in 50-minute sessions.

As schedules do not overlap, students can customize their summer study plan. 

At lunchtime, participants can also get to know Macau and the Portuguese and Macanese communities in Macau and in Portugal, as well as institutions and places in Portugal.

In addition, they may also watch ‘Talking with…’, which includes interviews with writers, translators and people in the business and financial industries.

These courses require a B1, B2 or C language proficiency. Students attending an A2 language course may have trouble but they are also welcome and will have to be prepared to work harder. Please check below the language level requirement for each course.

Participants taking elementary classes may find Music, Gastronomy and Dance more adequate to supplement their study of the language and the culture.





Teachers are well known plurilingual and multicultural professionals in their academic areas. The specific expertise of Portuguese-Chinese bilingual teachers is an added advantage for students.



At the end of the course, participants who attend 80% of the language course receive a certificate of attendance.

An achievement certificate is also available upon taking the language test and essay submission in attended theme-based courses. This certificate will provide the student’s linguistic profile.

University students may apply for equivalence to courses at their universities.