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The Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies (CIELA) is pleased to invite all those interested to the Webinar “TRIBUTES TO JOSÉ SARAMAGO ON HIS CENTENNIAL BIRTH ANNIVERSARY – The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis’ as a paradigm of Saramagian Invention by Professor Helena Buscu (University of Lisbon) , being held on March 21, 23 and 24, 2022, from 7:15pm to 9:15pm, via Zoom: https://umac.zoom.us/j/95471270325

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José Saramago (1922-2010), Portugal’s Nobel Literature Laureate (1988), is not only a distinguished author within the Portuguese literary sphere, but has long become part of the group of  the most significant and read authors who shaped 20th century world literature. This year his centennial birth anniversary is being celebrated worldwide by many academic and non-academic institutions. The Department of Portuguese at FAH/UM, through its Research Centre, CIELA, will also commemorate this occasion with two open online tributes.

1st  Tribute

Open Online Seminar

Introduction to Saramago’s Work

 This 3 session seminar will provide and introduction to Saramago’s main lines of thought and creativity developed throughout his vast literary production, through the presentation, comments and analysis of two of his works: O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis (‘The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis’) and Viagem a Portugal (‘Voyage to Portugal’). It proposes these two works as bearing the pillars of Saramago’s literary creation transversal to the author’s remaining production.

The seminar will be given by Prof. Helena Buescu (University of Lisbon, Portugal), and held  Portuguese. The main target audience is advanced Graduate and Postgraduate students pursuing or interested in Portuguese language literary studies. But all others interested in attending are very welcome.


Professor Helena Carvalhão Buescu is a Professor of Comparative Literature and Portuguese Literature at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon. She has collaborated, taught and been invited to some of the most prestigious international universities in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Macao. She is a member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences and the European Academy, and has received several awards for her essays. She is currently directing the project Comparative World Literature in Portuguese, having published to date four of the seven due volumes, by the publisher Tinta-da-China, in Lisbon. She is a poet, with two poetry books published in Portugal and several essays published in Portugal and overseas. She is also part of several Portuguese and European evaluation committees.