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The Department of Portuguese of FAH is pleased to invite all those interested to the online Seminar “How to learn for practicing Portuguese” by Prof. Xu Yixing, being held on March 10, 2022, at 4:00pm, via Zoom: https://umac.zoom.us/j/97126278107?pwd=ZEI0MGdqSkxPQ2J5YzFuQ0RjSUVudz09


It´s not hard to start to learn a foreign language, but it´s really hard to know how we can practice the language so that it can be well used in our daily work or life. So we´d like to suggest that the students might be conscientious of what should learn at the very beginning of the course and how can practice the knowledge leant in class. Taking the translation for example, we should know very well not only Portuguese but also our mother tongue before we can start to do so, but it is also important for us to know more about the society, the culture, the literature and so on, of the countries.


Prof. Xu Yixing, Catarina, is the Director of the Portuguese Department and Full Professor at the Shanghai University of International Studies, Foreign Corresponding Academician of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, holder of the Grau Comendador da Ordem do Mérito decorated by the former President of the Portuguese Republic, Prof. Cavaco Silva, author of didactic materials for Chinese PLE learners such as Curso de Português para Chineses, and translator of Portuguese authors such as Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and António Lobo Antunes.