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We are excited to announce the return of the UM Language and Culture Day! As one of the flagship events of the FAH, this year’s UM Language and Culture Day will take place on 27 March 2024 (Wed), with the theme “Cherish Mother Tongues; Embrace All Cultures.” The event aims to celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity while preserving mother tongues on the UM campus, as well as in Macau in general. Building on the success of last year, we have prepared a series of engaging and interactive activities, including the Opening Ceremony, various handcraft workshops, games booths, and the Cultural Treasure Hunt. We warmly invite all UM members to join us in making this fantastic event a great success.


Below is the summary of the activities:


Date: 27th Mar 2024

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Venue: E21A FAH Lobby

Time Item
12:15-12:45 Redeem Raffle Tickets
13:00-14:00 Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Cultural Performances

Lucky Draw

Item Quota
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** Winners must immediately come on stage to receive their awards, or else they will forfeit.

2. Handcraft Workshops

Date: 27th Mar 2024

Time: 14:00-15:00


Remarks: Successfully registered participants will receive a confirmation email by 20 March 2024. If a registered participant is unable to attend, please notify us (Email: lisalam@um.edu.mo) by 23 March 2024; otherwise, it may impact your eligibility for future activities organised by FAH. Therefore, please review your schedule carefully before completing registration.

The “Sweetheart Handkerchief” – A Portuguese Traditional Embroidery |14:00––15:00| E21A-G049 (SI Lab)

Language: English

Quota: 15 participants

The sweetheart handkerchief is a fine linen or cotton handkerchief embroidered with various motifs. It is a traditional handicraft and garment from northern Portugal, worn by women of marriageable age. According to custom, a girl in love would embroider a handkerchief and gift it to her beloved. The handkerchiefs feature embroidered verses, drawings, and declarations related to friendship, love, fidelity, and pure, innocent love. 

Japanese Tea Ceremony |14:00–15:00|E21A-G040

Language: English

Quota: 16 participants

The tea ceremony is an embodiment of traditional etiquette, where finely-ground green tea is prepared and offered by a host for the pleasure of esteemed guests. This philosophy of hospitality in the tea ceremony resonates with contemporary Japanese practices of entertaining guests. The essence of the tea ceremony lies in embracing the spirit of hospitality and savoring the joy of tea tasting. We aspire to share with everyone the warm hospitality of Japan, the brilliance of its traditional culture, and the exquisite taste of matcha through the ritual of the tea ceremony.

Peking Opera Facial Makeup Workshop |14:00–15:00|E21A-G037

Language: Mandarin & English

Quota: 10 participants

Peking Opera facial makeup is a distinctive makeup technique steeped in Chinese cultural tradition and a vital element of Peking Opera’s performing arts. It utilizes a vivid palette of colors, patterns, and symbols to depict the personality, status, and traits of the characters on the actors’ faces.

POR[CELAIN]TUGUESE |14:00––15:00| E21A-G038

Language: Mandarin & Portuguese

Quota: 12 participants

What kind of spark arises when the elements of Chinese blue and white porcelain meet Portuguese design motifs? This workshop introduces the emblematic cultural symbols of China and Portugal, guiding participants to create their own art by arranging porcelain shards on canvases featuring Portuguese elements. It’s an opportunity to craft a unique personal piece that merges these distinct cultural heritages.

Calligraphy Workshop  |14:00 – 15:00|E21A-G039

Language: Mandarin & English

Quota: 25 participants

Chinese character calligraphy is not only an artistic expression of Chinese culture but also a jewel of the world’s cultural heritage. In our calligraphy workshop, participants will independently complete their calligraphy artworks under the guidance of our staff, discovering the endless allure of traditional calligraphy. They will experience the ancient charm of brush writing and the elegance of Chinese line art. Participants are encouraged to unleash their imagination, blending their creativity and aesthetic taste, as they create on round or folding fans—allowing their brush to flow freely, capturing their emotions and artistic flair.

Portuguese Speaking Communities: A Group Competition Game |14:00–15:00 E21A-G036 Black Box Theatre

Language: English

Quota: 30 Participants

The Portuguese language has experienced an increasing presence worldwide, with numerous communities and countries adopting it for day-by-day interaction, teaching, and learning purposes. Each day, a wide range of cultural expressions, including music, literature, arts, and cinema… are created in Portuguese. It is also noteworthy that Portuguese is widely used on the internet. In a world marked by vast diversity, familiarizing ourselves with different languages and cultures can help us become a better global citizen and more adept at navigating differences. In our workshop, we will organize a group competition to enhance our understanding of Portuguese-speaking countries through images, sounds, videos, and general information. To conclude, we will collectively learn and sing a song in Portuguese. Join us!!

Philosophy Hits  |14:00 – 15:00| FAH Learning Commons

Quota: No registration required. Unlimited participants. Join at any time!

Throughout history and across different cultures, philosophy has certainly delivered numerous “hits”—influential ideas, theories, and figures that have profoundly shaped our understanding of the universe, our identity, and the nature of happiness. Our game is designed to showcase the power of philosophy to “strike the core” of these subjects, posing and solving the most significant and complex questions in the most rigorous and systematic ways. Join us to explore the thoughts of leading philosophers and their pivotal concepts while honing your darts’ precision and focus. Philosophy is not only deeply engaging—it also requires skill!

Completing the Couplet  |14:00 – 15:00| FAH Learning Commons

Quota: No registration required. Unlimited participants. Join at any time!

The couplet is a hallmark of traditional Chinese culture—a crafty and profound phrase that captures the essence of a photograph through the use of rhythmic cadence. Whether it narrates, describes, expresses emotions, or conveys moral lessons, it employs a variety of rhetorical techniques. This not only allows one to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the photograph but also to revel in the linguistic grace, rhetorical elegance, conceptual depth, and melodic charm of the couplet. When a couplet is meticulously crafted to mirror the rhythm, part of speech, and structure of its paired sentence, it emerges as an exquisitely aligned and harmoniously resonant gem. Why not challenge yourself to create a couplet that complements the given photo, achieving a seamless and delightful pairing?

Portuguese Language & Culture Games  | 14:00 – 15:00| FAH Learning Commons

Quota: No registration required. Unlimited participants. Join at any time!

Game 1: The participants will learn the numbers from 1 to 20 in Portuguese. Then they’ll take part in the BINGO game.
Game 2: The participants will look at the map of the Portuguese-speaking countries and their flags. Then they will make puzzles to form the flags.


Date: 27/03/2024 – 16/04/2024

Venue: FAH Ground Floor

Find answer clues around the ground floor of FAH and answer all questions online to enter the Ultimate Lucky Draw.

Draw results will be announced on 23 April 2024 on the faculty website.

Item Quota
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GIGGAS Electric Caldron 1 pc
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Terms & Conditions

  1. Each person is eligible for one draw and can win only one prize.
  2. Participation in the lucky draws and workshops is limited to UM members only
  3. FAH administrative staff and organising committees are not eligible for the Lucky Draw.
  4. The winner will receive a phone call for prize collection. The winner must redeem the Prize before 01/05/2024 otherwise the prize will be forfeited.
  5. FAH reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions and may withdraw or discontinue the Lucky Draw without prior notice. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of FAH.