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Today marks the beginning of the ELC’s 3-week Summer English Programme, which will welcome 300 students from Macau and surrounding areas who plan to enter UM in September. The Summer English Programme 2020 aims to bridge students’ current academic language, conceptual and study abilities and better acquaint them with the study expectations within an international university context. Over 20 experienced ELC teaching faculty will support the programme, and more than 30 graduate-student programme assistants will provide important mentorship to assist the student transition from high school to university.


This year also marks an evolution from previous years as the ELC adjusts the programme to better suit student needs and the ongoing COVID teaching situation. The programme will focus more specifically on the English and skills necessary for academic and faculty-specific language environments that students will encounter upon university entry. Other programme adjustments include updated teaching materials, approaches and assessments to match the online teaching context. The programme aims to comprehensively support students through a raft of in-house produced materials for instruction and support via Moodle, Zoom, DingTalk and other accessible technology platforms. Finally, the programme will address student motivation, learning and assessment through integration of numerous student-produced digital projects and an E-portfolio to exhibit a body of students’ work from the 3 weeks.

The ELC wishes students the best for the Summer English Programme 2020 and their ongoing studies at UM, as we strive to support student success at the university.