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UM Language and Culture Day 2021 – Value your own language; Embrace everyone’s cultures

Organized by the University of Macau Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the UM Language and Culture Day 2021 continues to feature “Value your own language; Embrace everyone’s cultures” with a series of exciting activities including the “International Languages and Cultures Fair” and various cultural activities and language workshops. The event aims at preserving mother tongues and promoting linguistic and cultural diversity. Register and join 3 game booths to get a free local style Pork Chop Bun!

Date: 30th Mar, 2021

Time: 13:00 – 15:00

Venue: E21A Outdoor Square (facing the Library)*

*In case of rain, activities may move to the E21A FAH Learning Commons

Register Now (Deadline :28/03/2021)


13:00 – 15:00
International Languages and Cultures Fair | E21A Outdoor Square

A series of culture-specific game booths provides the participants with a learning-with-fun experience, and an opportunity to taste traditional dishes and drinks from various parts of the world. There are also cultural performances and opportunities to show off your mother tongue or the language you are good at.

13:30 – 14:25
Fun Facts about the Chinese Couplets in Macau | E21A-G040

Among the world cultural heritages of Macau, the culture and arts of Chinese couplets in the famous historical sites showcase to the world the humanity landscape of Macau’s history. Professor Tang Keng Pan is going to share these interesting episodes with you.

Translating and Dubbing Animated Films | E21A-G049 (SI Lab)

Have you ever watched foreign animated films dubbed or in the original version with subtitles? Do you know the main differences between translation for dubbing and for subtitles? In this workshop, we will provide some clips of English animated films. Participants will have a chance to translate and dub the subtitles particularly for child audiences.

Let’s Start from Zero! – Portuguese Class for Beginners | E21A-G038

Interested in learning the beautiful Portuguese language? Join us to try out this beautiful language! We will learn how to greet, how to express name and where you come from, among other aspects.

Portuguese Movie Screening | E21A-G036 (Black Box Theatre)

“Macaenses em Macau – Renovando a identidade” from the Portuguese director Carlos Fraga will be shown at the Black Box Theatre. After approaching the Macanese community living in Lisbon, Carlos Fraga approaches the Macanese in Macau. How different are these Macanese from those who left Macau? How do they feel their ethnic and group uniqueness?

Participants will get smart points, taste the typical food from around the world, learn different languages and cultures and meet people from different part of the world.

Register Now (Deadline :28/03/2021)