CONFERENCE: Women and Gender: Contemporary Perspectives and Trends. Women Shaping the Macau Scene: A Tribute to Deolinda da Conceição, Graciete Batalha, Cecília Jorge and Fernanda Dias

The representation of women and gender issues in literature and the arts in general have been examined through various lenses, giving rise to a diversified viewpoint on literary and artistic creation. This aligns with the contemporary trend of rethinking and enhancing the visibility of gender-related matters across all domains of knowledge and societal life. This conference aims to delve into literary and artistic works that envision femininity as pluralistic and transgressive spaces, places of resistance against established patterns of feminine behavior and imagination, thereby offering an opportunity for rethinking prevailing hegemonies. By proposing a cross-sectional and multidisciplinary approach, we intend to broaden the discussion surrounding women and gender-related issues by integrating insights from anthropology, philosophy and other areas of the humanities and social sciences. Given that that this discussion is being organized from Macau, we take this opportunity to pay tribute to four women, whose connections to the region and significant contributions to the fields of literature and linguistic studies are worthy of recognition. Through their diverse work and initiatives, Deolinda da Conceição, Graciete Batalha, Cecília Jorge and Fernanda Dias have played pivotal roles in challenging the construction of social, cultural and gender stereotypes.
In addition to paying tribute to these four women, we also encourage the exploration of the works and lives of other influential female figures who have made a mark on the literary, artistic, cultural and social panorama of Macau.
As Macao SAR has recently seen an increased attention towards women’s status and gender-related concerns, we also welcome discussions on social interventions and the progress of gender-focused concerns across various sectors, including the legal, educational, and social realms. These discussions will lead to the evaluation of theoretical models and the contemplation of proposals and practices in Macao SAR and other parts of the globe.

FHSS, City University of Macau
Department of Portuguese, University of Macau

Organizing Committee

City University of Macau University of Macau
Jiayu Liu

Romeu Foz

Sara Augusto

Vera Borges

Manuela Carvalho

Mário Nunes

Roberval Teixeira e Silva

Yao Jingming

Keynote speakers: Anna M. Klobucka (UMass Dartmouth, USA)
Ana Gabriela Macedo ( Minho, Portugal)
Michela Graziana ( U. Degli Studi Firenze)
Invited writers: Cecília Jorge
Fernanda Dias
Invited Artists: Tracy Choi (film director)

The Organizing Committee invites submissions from a wide range of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives, particularly focusing on the following thematic areas:
• Representations of women in literature and arts in general
• Gender and power dynamics
• The intersection of women studies and ecology
• The female (body) and utopian imaginaries
• The role of women in the historical, cultural and social scene of Macau
• Women and gender-related matters within the legal, educational and social realms: proposals and practices.

Working languages
• Portuguese
• English
• Mandarin
• Online/In-person :
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Selected conference papers are planned to be later published as academic essays in a thematic issue of an international peer-reviewed journal.

Important dates:
Deadline for abstract submission: 31th of May 2024
Registration deadline (without paper presentation): 31st of July 2024 (early bird)