Dear students,

The ‘English Grammar Kings and Queens’ competition was held by ELC last Friday, April 26. A dozen students participated in this competition which included two rounds in total. They were divided into 4 teams. The first round was answering multiple-choice questions. Each team had to answer 10 different questions about English grammar. They needed to answer each question within one minute. These questions had been categorized into different levels in accordance with different grammatical points. The second round was the Challenge Mode. There were 15 questions with different bonuses at this round. Whichever group that pressed the buzzer first answered the question. Bonuses were given to the group for right answers but were taken away for wrong answers. Through this kind of English grammar quiz competition, students learned and consolidated their grammar knowledge through group discussion and answering questions. They had a great time together in answering questions about grammar and competing with other groups!

Please check out the ELC’s webpage ( for more information and photos. Thank you very much for your participation in ELC activities and for your support for our University’s English Language Centre.

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