FAH Management

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) hosted an orientation for UG programmes to welcome new undergraduate students on 16th August 2022 and to prepare them for a new chapter at the University of Macau (UM).

The Faculty Orientation was delivered online through Zoom under the anti-pandemic guidelines of the Macao SAR Government. Professor Jie XU, Dean of FAH, led the orientation with the “Dean’s First Lecture” and congratulated the students on their admission to FAH, UM.

At the First Lecture, Dean Xu extended his welcome on behalf of the FAH to all the freshmen and expressed his wishes to build a special and close bond between the faculty and its future alumni. Dean Xu shared his ideas of arts and humanities in respect of academic research and human experience. He proudly introduced the core subjects in arts and humanities including literature, history, philosophy, art, language and philosophy currently offered by FAH. He also put emphasis on the four core competencies (the 4Cs) to cultivate at FAH, namely creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. He stressed that the four skills are crucial for students to succeed in the 21st century and they are key elements of the ‘whole person development’ scheme emphasized/promoted by UM. He concluded his speech with the statement ‘you will be proud of being part of the FAH family and wish all the best to all freshmen’.

After the Dean’s lecture, Assistant Dean Professor Victoria Lai Cheng Lei, delivered her greeting notes to students. Prof. Lei introduced learning strategies, rules and regulations regarding student’s academic performance and procedures to seek assistance and support.

Subsequent to Prof. Lei’s remarks, the new UG students joined the briefing sessions of their respective departments, where they were given in-depth information about the study plans of their 4-year programmes, graduation requirements, attendance policy, etc. The students also had the opportunity to meet some faculty members and ask questions.

To wrap up the orientation, the FAH Student Association introduced the students to the organization of the association and its upcoming events. Although the new students had not yet had the opportunity to participate in the face-to-face events on campus, they were excited about their new lives at UM.