Alain Tapié gives a talk at UM on the birth of Impressionism

The University of Macau (UM) held a talk titled ‘Normandy Impressionism – The Birth of Impressionism’ as part of the University Lecture Series. Alain Tapié, founding president of L’association Peindre en Normandie and honorary curator of French museums, was the speaker. The talk was well attended by UM students and faculty members, as well as art lovers.

Speaking at the event, Xu Jie, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, said that Tapié is a leading figure in the arts community of Normandy, France. He began his career at Direction des Musées de France (predecessor of Service des Musées de France), where he was responsible for designing and organising continuous training for provincial museum directors, and that he has a wealth of teaching experience.

During the talk, Tapié talked about the birth of Impressionism and shared his views on the development of art and design. He said that artists gathered in Normandy and captured the different elements of nature through a combination of colour and texture, which became a distinctive feature of Impressionist painting. He also sees Impressionism as a revolution in painting technique and an attempt to express modernism. In addition, Tapié engaged in exchanges with the audience during the Q&A and discussion session.

Many UM students and faculty members, and art lovers attend the talk

The Q&A and discussion session