Joan TANG Fun Hei

Interactive English 1 Course Coordinator

Dr. Tang has taught university students, university academic and administrative staff, senior and junior professionals in businesses in Macau, teachers in initial and in‑service training, and civil servants in Macau. She has run workshops for a range of client groups, on several topics: building your language foundation; English as the language of communication; the mechanics of correct writing; business letter writing; social business letter writing; how to prepare a press release; proposal writing; report writing; presentation and visuals; telephone skills and techniques; and English correspondence writing.

Dr. Tang served for ten years as the Convenor for the English Cluster I at the Center for Pre‑University Studies, University of Macau (2000-2010), during which time she was also a committee member of the Center for Pre-University Studies Academic Council. For seven years she was also a member of the University’s Library Committee.

Dr. Tang has also worked in several other higher education institutions. For twenty years she was a teacher trainer of initial training students in Macau; for three years she taught government-sponsored courses for serving teachers and civil servants at a university in Macau; and she taught English at Macau’s Institute for Tourism Studies.  For several years, she was also a secondary school teacher in Macau.

Dr. Tang has been a peer reviewer for academic journal articles for many years.

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