Ronald FONG

Senate Staff-Student Consultative Committee Member for FAH 2018-2020

Ronald gives workshops on different aspects of the English language such as the sound system, and grammar and vocabulary to school teachers to help with their pedagogical concerns.



Ronald has reviewed articles for LinguaCognitive Linguistic StudiesChinese Language and DiscourseLanguage and Cognition etc. He has also reviewed book proposals for publishers such as Routledge, Taylor and Francis, etc

Ronald Fong’s article Chinese Motion-Directional Construction: A Conceptual and Cognitive Analysis published in Studies in Chinese Linguistics (2017) has been awarded by Macau Foundation the Second Prize in the 5th Macau Outstanding Research Achievements Awards for Humanities and Social Sciences (2019). He also received Long Service Awards from the University of Macau. In 2014 Ronald was awarded a scholarship by Erasmus Mundus to do research at Freie Universite Berlin, Germany.


Fong, Ronald (2020) The Chinese Resultative Construction: a Cognitive Constructional Analysis (LINCOM Studies  in Chinese Linguistics 14) Lincom: Munchen

Journal Articles

  • Fong, Ronald (forthcoming) Is Knowing the Constructions Enough to Understand Modality Patterns in English?English Today, Cambridge University Press
  • Fong, Ronald (in press) A Constructional-cognitive Analysis of the Cantonese Motion-Directional ConstructionYue Dialects, Macau Polytechnic Institute
  • Fong, Ronald (2020) Caused-Motions in Chinese: a Constructional-cognitive Analysis, Ampersand Volume 7, Elsevier
  • Fong, Ronald (2019) Resultative Constructions in English and Chinese: a Functional-Cognitive AnalysisLinguistics and the Human Sciences Volume 13.3, p236-241, Equinox Publishing Ltd, UK
  • Fong, Ronald (2018) A Cognitive Analysis of Cantonese Motion-Directional Construction and its Implications for TranslationTranslation Research and Teaching, Volume 1, Issue 2, p16-28
  • Fong, Ronald (2017) Chinese Motion-Directional Construction: a Conceptual and Cognitive AnalysisStudies in Chinese Linguistics, Volume 38, Issue 2, p119-147 (This article won the Second Prize in the fifth Outstanding Research in Humanities and Social Sciences in Macau)
  • Fong, Ronald (2016) Chinese as Satellite-framed – a Constructional-cognitive InterpretationCognitive Linguistic Studies, Volume 2, p234-259
  • Fong, Ronald. (2015). The Chinese Ba as a Verb: a Constructional-Cognitive ApproachOpen Journal of Modern Linguistics. Vol 5, p48-64.
  • Fong, Ronald. (2015). A Constructional-Cognitive Analysis of Chinese DirectionalsCognitive Semantics. Vol 1, Issue 1, p104-130.

Book edited

  • Fong, I.W.R., W. Guthrie & S.Z. Ren, eds. (2001). Grammar and Discourse. University of Macau: Macau

Book chapter

  • Fong, I.W.R. (1999). Language planning and language strategy. Issues of the pre- and post-turnover of Macau. Yuanliu: Hong Kong (Also appears in Linguistics Journal of Macau)

Popular articles

  • Fong, I.W.R. (2002). Linguistic theory and language education. Conference on Diversified Education.
  • Fong. I.W.R. (1999). Articles on contemporary linguistics in Macaodaily
  • Fong, I.W.R. (1998). New developments in contemporary linguistics: introduction to construction grammar in Macaodaily.