Jointly organised by Beijing Lu Xun Museum and the University of Macau (UM), the exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Scream, a short story collection by Chinese literary giant Lu Xun, was opened at UM. The Lu Xun Literature and Chinese Culture Academic Symposium was also held concurrently. The symposium brought together scholars, faculty, and students to appreciate the masterpieces of Lu Xun and to explore his works in depth from the perspective of Chinese language and culture. The exhibition will run until 20 December in the UM library. Interested individuals are welcome to visit.

UM holds the Lu Xun Literature and Chinese Culture Academic Symposium

Huang Zhihu, deputy director-general of the Research Office of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR, said in his speech that the exhibition enables the Macao public to appreciate Lu Xun’s manuscripts, which can promote academic research and exchange of ideas in Macao. Jiang Yixin, deputy director of Beijing Lu Xun Museum, said that Lu Xun offered unique reflections on the times and history, as well as on national identity and humanity in The Scream. Zhu Shoutong, director of UM’s Centre for Chinese History and Culture, pointed out that the exhibition will give the public a better understanding of the significance of Lu Xun’s modern Chinese writing in Chinese culture. During the discussion session of the symposium, UM’s doctoral students also shared their insights into Lu Xun and his works.
Zhu Shoutong (left) presents a souvenir to Jiang Yixin
A group photo