On December 11th 2020, Professor Shan Li, Deputy Director of the Research and Communication Center for Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture of Beijing Normal University, visited the Department of Chinese Language and Literature (DCLL) of the University of Macau (UM). Professor Yue Zhang of DCLL accompanied Professor Li during his visit. Professor Defeng Li, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at UM talked with Professor Li and Professor Zhang. They exchanged views of the development characteristics, research features, and future cooperation of humanities subjects between the two universities. Afterwards, Professor Shan Li delivered an academic lecture entitled “The Book of Songs and Traditional Chinese Literary Theory” to UM faculty members and students. The lecture was hosted by Professor Chon Chit Tang of DCLL. Nearly 60 faculty members and students, including Professor Siu Kwai Yeung of Faculty of Education and Professor Yue Zhang of DCLL, attended the lecture.

After the lecture, Professor Shan Li had in-depth exchanges with Professor Chon Chit Tang, Professor Siu Kwai Yeung, Professor Sihao Wang, and Professor Yue Zhang, who were in the field of ancient Chinese literature and culture at UM. They discussed various ways through which Beijing Normal University and University of Macau can strengthen their cooperation, such as holding joint academic conferences, launching a new academic journal in the field of ancient Chinese literature and culture collectively, and carrying on multi-channel academic exchanges. Professor Li’s visit promoted the communication and exchanges on classical Chinese literature between the two universities.

Not long after Professor Shan Li’s visit, Beijing Normal University, University of Macau, and other universities co-hosted the first joint conference, “Reconstruction of Classical Studies–International Symposium on Excavated Materials and Early Chinese Classic Studies” from December 19 th to 20th 2020.