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2912, 2020

Centre for Japanese Studies – Online Student Exchange Event with University of Fukui in Japan

2020-12-29|Centre for Japanese Studies, News|

Centre for Japanese Studies - Online Student Exchange Event with University of Fukui in Japan On 18 December 2020, an online student exchange was held with 26 students from University of Fukui. Our 3rd year Japanese Studies students participated this event. The purpose of the event was to let studen ...

2202, 2019

帝京大学の学生との交流 Student Exchange with Delegation from Teikyo University

2019-02-22|Centre for Japanese Studies, News|

2月20日(水)帝京大学の教授、学生と東京大学大学院の学生併せて9名が呂志和書院を通してマカオ大学を訪問し、日本研究の2年生、3年生の学生と交流を行った。学生たちは、それぞれ自分の大学や学生生活について説明し、そのあと、グループに分かれてディスカッションを行った。日本の大学やその学生の生活について知るよい機会となった。 A group of 9 students lead by Prof. Naoya Yamazaki from Teikyo University visited us on 20 February 2019. Our students met with the delegati ...

2811, 2018

Third-year student majoring in Japanese Studies, Huang Zhaowen wins Special Prize at the Speech Contest in Hong Kong

2018-11-28|Centre for Japanese Studies, News|

Huang Zhaowen, third-year student majoring in Japanese Studies won the Special Prize at the 43rd Japanese Speech Contest held in Hong Kong on 24 November 2018. Huang’s speech was on what had triggered her to study Japanese language. She was attracted by the charm of the profession of Japanese Voice A ...

409, 2018

Centre for Japanese Studies Invited Guest Lectures on Japanese Classical Literature 日本研究中心舉辦古典日本文學客座講座

2018-09-04|Centre for Japanese Studies, News|

On August 29, 2018, Center for Japanese studies of FAH welcomed two guest lecturers from Japan. Professor Nobuyuki Sakamoto (Director of Takaoka Man’yō Historical Museum) and Professor Masamori Mouri (Emeritus Professor, Osaka City University) are renowned scholars in the researching field of Classic ...

3008, 2018

Centre for Japanese Studies Prof. Chen Fangze receives Development Contribution Award from International Association of Chinese-Japanese Contrastive Linguistics

2018-08-30|Centre for Japanese Studies, News|

Prof. Chen receives the Development Contribution Award for his contributions to research on Chinese-Japanese contrastive linguistics Prof Chen Fangze, associate professor from the Centre for Japanese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau (UM), recently received the Development ...

307, 2018

鹿児島県アジア太平洋農村研究センター 日本語・日本文化研修 (2018年6月14日から6月23日) Japanese Language and Culture Program at Kapic Center, Kagoshima, Japan (14 – 23 June 2018)

2018-07-03|Centre for Japanese Studies, News|

Japanese Language and Culture Program was held from 14th June to 23th June, 2018 at Kagoshima Asia-Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center (KAPIC Center) in Kagoshima prefecture. This year twelve Japanese studies major students of UMAC were participated in this event. Not only studying Japanese at K ...

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