FAH Leadership

Faculty Management Team


Prof Jie XU

Interim Dean of FAH

Kunnan, 2015-2

Prof Antony John KUNNAN

Associate Dean

Prof Victoria HARRISON

Prof Victoria HARRISON

Associate Dean


Prof Victoria LEI

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Prof Joaquim KUONG

Assistant Dean for Faculty Promotion & Events Planning

Ms Rachel SIO

Faculty Secretary


Faculty Executive Committee

The Committee comprises the five FMT members and the unit heads below:


Prof Jie XU

Head of Department of Chinese Language and Literature

SUN, Yifeng

Prof Yifeng SUN

Head of Department of English

Prof Di WANG

Head of Department of History

Yao Jing Ming

Prof Jing Ming YAO

Head of Department of Portuguese

Chen Fangze 2

Prof Fangze CHEN

Director of Centre for Japanese Studies

CHEN, Katherine

Prof Katherine CHEN

Director of English Language Centre


Head of Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies